Car Lease

Save money the smart way and lease with Savvy! Savvy Car Lease is your ultimate choice for car leases at the lowest interest rates and highest value! If you want all the benefits of car ownership without the drawbacks, Savvy Car Lease helps you find the best lease package that suits your needs. We take care of finding your lease and arrange everything for you! We select your best lease package from over 25 of Australia’s best car lease financiers so you know you’ll be driving away with a lease that saves you money!

You're in Control

Unlike car ownership, a car lease gives you more options. Since your financier owns the car and leases the vehicle back to you, you pay a fixed monthly lease rental over the term of the lease. This means you’ll know how much you’ll be paying in advance – always! 

Residual Value

At the end of your lease you have the power to decide if you want to pay out the residual value on the vehicle and keep it, trade your car in for a new vehicle and start a new lease, or re-finance the residual and retain the lease. By changing your cars every few years, you’ll always be driving a car under warranty. You’ll also be avoiding all the hassles of keeping an aging car maintained indefinitely.

Flexible Lease Options

Savvy helps businesses and individuals find a car lease that provides maximum flexibility and Australia’s lowest car lease interest rates. Savvy doesn’t just lease cars. We lease trucks, buses, heavy vehicles and all types of equipment for retail, mining, construction, industrial and more. Ask about our competitive interest rates on business equipment leases to keep your company ahead of the competition.

Claim GST

If you’re a sole trader or buying on behalf of a business, you’ll save even more by claiming the GST on your interest payments and depreciation – or claim bigger tax deductions by making advance lease payments to keep your cash flowing! 

Lower Interest Rates

Savvy finds leases that are secured against the value of the vehicle, which means lower interest rates. We can even find leases with terms that suit you. Choose leases ranging from 12 months up to five years! Feel comfortable knowing you’re getting a fixed interest rate with fixed rental payments each week, fortnight or month. 

Get a Free Quote Now

Want to know how much you’ll save with Savvy? Use our easy to use online lease calculator and find out how much you might be paying each week, fortnight or month. Want to know more? Get a quote using our lease quote system – it’s FREE and there’s no obligation. Talk to a financial professional on 1300 974 066 and start saving with Savvy today!