Car Insurance

Savvy don’t just do great deals on car leases, we’re also one of Australia’s premier insurance brokers! Whether you’re looking to protect your leased car for yourself or your business, the insurance professionals at Savvy ask all the right questions to find you the best policies on the market! We have a team of experts standing by to make sure you get the right coverage for your situation! Many financiers warrant leases with the expectation you cover the vehicle comprehensively. Don’t settle – get Savvy!

Range of Insurance Options

Many of our insurance premiums don’t only cost you less but come with more. Many of the policies we find are free of loading if you decide to pay by the month! We can also find premiums with a range of extras such as your choice of repairer, flexible excess, roadside assistance, public liability coverage, multiple driver coverage and loyalty discounts if you renew year after year. We collaborate with Australia’s – and often, the worlds’ – biggest and most trusted insurers, with hundreds of years of insurance experience between them!

Easy Claims

Electing to save with Savvy means you’re getting the whole Savvy organisation on side if you ever have to make an insurance claim. When an insurance underwriter or company isn’t doing what they’re supposed to, our insurance professionals help you get the payout you deserve. We guarantee all of our customers get what they’re owed, fairly and promptly as possible. If you’re in strife, it’s all hands on deck to get your claim sorted!

GAP Insurance

We also offer GAP insurance that pays off your lease in full in the event of theft or total loss (write off.) GAP insurance pays out the shortfall between your comprehensive insurance payment and the amount owing on your lease. Give yourself peace of mind by taking out GAP insurance – it could save you thousands in out of pocket costs.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Unsure about how much protection you need? Do you want to know more about how to save on your comprehensive car insurance policy? Our insurance broking professionals have years of experience in finding the best policies for people and business owners who wisely choose to lease their car. They can help you from handling your quote, handling your application through to claims assistance. By having your lease and your insurance policy under the same roof you’ll be given the same Savvy silver service, no matter your enquiry!

Click here and get your FREE, no obligation quote on comprehensive car insurance. You’ll be surprised how much you can save. If you want to talk over the phone, give one of our insurance broking professionals a call on ??? – thinking about car insurance? Think about Savvy!