Top 5 tips to consider before your road trip

Posted on Monday, February 6, 2017 - 09:57

In lines with the survey provided by the Australian Government, 2016 saw an increase of 5% in domestic overnight trips (generating $89.4 million). Day trips also increased by 7%, reaching $187.7 million. Free camping, in its turn, had a growth of 36%. As you can see, Aussies are very fond of their road trips. They are essentially nomadic people that love to travel more than anything else.

Is road tripping so enticing, given that so many people do it each year?

Australia’s rich tourism is a direct supporter of the economy, generating billions of dollars. Most Aussies go on road trips to see as much of the country as they possibly can; it is an excellent opportunity to learn, relax and have fun. Is it safe? Yes, road tripping is safe if you take some common precautions before you set to the road.

Here’s what to consider before you go road tripping:

Do a professional inspection of your car

It is paramount you get your car into a service to be checked out before you go. Make sure that there are no malfunctions that could increase the risk of being stranded on the wayside, waiting to be towed.

Make a preliminary plan

Establish the routes you want to take, how much time you want to spend in each place you visit, the hotels you want to stay at and the ultimate destination. By planning the trip in advance, you avoid delays and the risk of getting lost.

Don’t forget your documents

You wouldn’t want your road trip to be spoiled by being pulled over and realising you forgot your insurance, driver’s licence or registration. Stash them together in a safe place where you don’t have to rummage for half an hour to find them.

Fight shy of driving on the highways

Highways are dangerous and often overcrowded. Driving through a sea of cars will only increase your stress and anxiety. Byways are much safer and pleasant to drive on. What’s more, highways do not offer the rustic beauty and tranquillity of country roads. You can be at peace that you are safe and breathing fresh air, not exhaust.

Stock up on good music

Radio signal can be very limited in certain areas. Burn a CD with your favourite songs or put them on a USB. They will come in handy for creating a nice atmosphere and kicking up the fun a notch. A road trip with no singing in the back of the car is not much of a road trip.

According to, caravanning and road-tripping, in general, was increased to 22%, with a total of 88.9 million overnight trips in 2016. Road trips generate massive amounts of money for the Australian economy – the same source shows that Aussies spent a surreal $162 million a day on road trips last year.

What are your best road trip memories? Do you plan on going road tripping in the near future again?

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