7 handy tips to maintain your car

Posted on Friday, February 10, 2017 - 11:07

In concordance with the last Motor Vehicle Census, released last year, there are no less than 18 million registered cars in Australia. Subsequently, there was a growth of 2.1% since 2015. Unfortunately, Australians are now spending up to $22,000 each year to preserve their cars, as it is shown by this article.

Isn’t maintenance supposed to be done by professional services?

Not necessarily. There are plenty of mini-checks you can do in your own garage in order to avoid overpaying these services. The maintenance of a car is not strictly confined to keeping it clean and replacing its oil now and then.

If you are not that versed in car maintenance, employ these very simple tips to spare your vehicle unnecessary visits to the doctor.

Check the fluids

You will have to use dipsticks that allow you to check the levels of the indispensable fluids. They keep your engine, cooling system, automatic transmission and washers in good health; that is why the reservoirs must be properly filled-up.

Inspect the tyres

Tyres can have imperfections that will lead to blow-outs. Make sure there are no protuberances and lumps, as well as no deep scratches or cuts. Check the pressure and inflate them properly. Also, it is best you learn how to change the tyres if needed.

Verify all the lights

Brake lights, reversing, side turn and headlights must work properly. If any of the bulbs are faulty and unresponsive, learn how to change them. When you check the lights of the car, don’t overlook the low and high beams.

Examine the battery

You should know that batteries can be the victims of corrosion. It is necessary you check on the battery of your car at least once a month for signs of rust and reassure that it is charged.

Keep the belts tense

Loose belts can produce a really irritating, loud noise. If they lost their tenseness and have been subjected to wear and tear, replace them with new ones.

Check the windshield wipers

Wipers are usually changed once a year, but they may wear out after a couple of months, depending on their quality. Like anything else on your car, they must be perfectly functional.

Vacuum the interior

The interior should be cleaned at least once a week. You may not be bothered by a little dust, but the one to whom you want to sell it someday will be. A dirty interior will let possible buyers know that you didn’t really take care of your car as you should have.

This article reveals that almost 7 million Aussies drive to work, the car being the main method of commuting. You can thus see for yourself the importance of ensuring that they are properly taken care of. These minor periodical checks can save you thousands of dollars’ worth of service. How do you maintain your car? Do you do weekly checks?

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