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New year, new car - should you update your lease?

Over the course of just one year, February 2015-2016, 96.443 new car registrations were recorded in the Australian market. The number was released by the FCA and appeared in an article in; this serves as proof that cars are of utmost importance in Australia. The number of leased cars is steadily growing from year to year. Many lessors have offers meant to make you stay for another lease term.

Benefits of Car Leasing

Everyone has to buy the car they drive, right? Wrong! Many Australians are turning to a great alternative to buying a car outright – car leasing. There are many misconceptions about car leasing out there. Some people think leasing is just like “renting” a car for a very long time! Though leasing and renting share superficial similarities, there are a lot more benefits to leasing than meets the eye. There are even more benefits to leasing over buying! Here are some:

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